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Known as one of the world wonders, the Borobudur Temple is the hugest massive monument ever that built as a devotion to the Buddha Gautama.

The Borobudur temple is still fully functioning as a sacred sanctuary and take a important role for Buddhist religious ceremonies such as Waisak (Buddha Sidharta Gautama Anniversary Celebration), nowaday. It is now being the centre of Buddhism activities and the most preferred destination for a spiritual pilgrimage purpose.

Located in Magelang Regency, Central Java Province, it's beautifully surrounded by mountains and hills creating a nice and peaceful atmosphere. The Borobudur temple can be easily reach by public transportation only in 45 minutes from Yogyakarta city.

The Borobudur Temple was constructed on the artificial hills (265m above sea level), within the periods of 8th to 10th century by the Kings of Sanjaya Dinasty, along with the other two smaller temples: Mendut Temple and Pawon Temple.

It is not really a temple which can be entered, but a bell-shaped giant massive building that consist more than 2 million pieces of stone or about 55.000 m3 of volcanic stones volume. The monument has a square foot (123m x 123m), while the upper part has the form of circle terraces with the main dome in the center, Borobudur has the form of a hemisphere.

Borobudur have ten level of terraces, the first sixth terraces have the form of square shape while the rest have a round shape. All levels have their ballustrade which finely carved at its walls as a basrelief of Buddha teachings and holy stories. The total length of those fine carved walls is almost 3000 meters long, divided into 1460 panels of basreliefs. On the last three highest terraces, there are 72 stupas surrounding a huge main stupa as a top of the temple.

The Borobudur Temple is opening daily for public from 09.00 AM until 04.30 PM, with an exception on certain Buddhism holiday for their ceremonies purpose.

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