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Procession is one of the ways to respect to Great Buddha, and is an integral part which has to be done in each ceremony of Buddhist religion.

It is stated at the Holy Book, that all Buddhist students who want to get the blessing from Great Buddha, have to put in order their clothes, stand up and go around Sang Buddha for three times. This customs is the reflection of our devotion and it is inspire the deep feeling to Sang Buddha (Holy Book Langkavatara Sutra, Maha Prajna Paramita Sutra, etc) that's why, up to now, the custom to do the pradaksina surrounding the vihara of procession to the holy places still become a part of the religious devotion.

Especially on National Vesak Day in Indonesia, of which all Buddhist people are gathering together to do the special ceremony to welcome the moment of Vesak, it will begin with the procession from Mendut Temple, Pawon Temple and Borobudur Temple.

At the procession, they bring the worship medium, such as Fruits, Water, Flame, Buddha Religion's Holy Things, Sang Buddha's Relic, Holy Books, Red and White Flag, Buddhist's Flag and Flags of each Buddhist Organization, with and expectant that the Greatest God will bless our nation and state, and to it people, to get the prosperity and prosperous life.

All Buddhist people do this procession in wisdom, purify the heart and mind, to accept the Vesak blessing.

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